GSoC ideas discussion (again)

Ilja O. vrghost at
Sat Mar 22 19:06:14 CET 2008

Hi all.

I'm currently assembling GSoC proposal (student-side, Openmoko-related
of course).
I gave some thought to the projects themes, and here what I can see as
projects, that I'd like to do (list sorted by 'me want to do this' in
decreasing order).

1) Accelerometer gestures
2) Two USB device mode (Is this correct mode name?) -- NIC (as it is
now) and HDD.
3) Samba sharing
4) Incoming call management - ban cumbers (drop or do not pick up)
auto-reply with SMS, etc...

(1) - I really,really want to do this! but since I'm not as cool and
smart as I'd like to be [1], it is quite likely that this project will
be given to somebody more experienced than me.
(2) - yes, USB 1.1 is quite slow, but having HDD mode would be nice
for end users (e.g. they will have way to easily upload an
installation package)
(3) - Of course not just port of samba. I'd also like to create fancy
cross-platform desktop gui application, that would allow at least set
samba password and shared folders (besides CF card, of course). This
is good for and-users since samba shares are accessible via wifi and
thy'll be able to transfer files to/from FreeRunner without problems
(e.g. scp client installation ;-) )
(4) - This was mentioned in 'ideas' list.

I'd like to ask community if there is something else, that I (with my
quite limited experience and knowledge) would be able to contribute?

[1] --

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