GSoC ideas discussion (again)

Marcin Juszkiewicz openembedded at
Sat Mar 22 21:10:29 CET 2008

Dnia Saturday 22 of March 2008, Ilja O. napisał:

> I'm currently assembling GSoC proposal (student-side, Openmoko-related
> of course).
> I gave some thought to the projects themes, and here what I can see as
> projects, that I'd like to do (list sorted by 'me want to do this' in
> decreasing order).
> 1) Accelerometer gestures
> 2) Two USB device mode (Is this correct mode name?) -- NIC (as it is
> now) and HDD.

There no magic for it needed. You connect USB Host cable -> powered hub -> 
NIC and (if you have proper module installed) it appears as network card. 
Same with HDD, webcams, keyboards, mouses and anything USB based.

> 3) Samba sharing

> (3) - Of course not just port of samba. 

Which was already done by OpenEmbedded developers...

> I'd also like to create fancy cross-platform desktop gui application,
> that would allow at least set samba password and shared folders (besides
> CF card, of course). 

Thats sounds better :)

> This is good for and-users since samba shares are accessible via wifi
> and thy'll be able to transfer files to/from FreeRunner without problems
> (e.g. scp client installation ;-) )

scp client is installed by default ;)

> 4) Incoming call management - ban cumbers (drop or do not pick up)
> auto-reply with SMS, etc...

This one sounds nice

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