GSoC ideas discussion (again)

Ilja O. vrghost at
Sat Mar 22 22:14:54 CET 2008

>  > 2) Two USB device mode (Is this correct mode name?) -- NIC (as it is
>  > now) and HDD.
>  There no magic for it needed. You connect USB Host cable -> powered hub ->
>  NIC and (if you have proper module installed) it appears as network card.
>  Same with HDD, webcams, keyboards, mouses and anything USB based.

I know that currently Neo (and Freerunner?) are exposing itself as USB
NIC. It is nice and useful during development, but useless for end
users IHMO (only if it don't expose VNC session to the main screen ;)
).  In my opinion, end user would expect phone to act like USB HDD
when it is connected to desktop via USB. I'm saying that there should
be at least two modes of Neo-host interaction via USB - as NIC and as
[ If you have understood me correctly - sorry for wasting your time.
I'm just don't think that my English is good enough to be understood
without additional explanations.]

>  scp client is installed by default ;)

I know that not everybody has (or even knows about) ssh/sftp protocol.
This is especially true about Windows world. (Damn humans aren't
willing to learn our technology basics!)

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