Price of the Freerunner published?

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Sun Mar 23 01:09:41 CET 2008

Thanks Sean,

  Let me just give the community an overview of what we want to do with sales, distributors, and partners moving forward.

First and foremost we want to keep sales and marketing in Openmoko as LEAN as humanly possible so we put maximum effort into engineering. So, in the same way the engineering departments rely on the community of developers, sales and marketing will rely on a community of resellers. 

I could build a big sales and marketing organization. I refuse to do this. I don't think it serves Openmoko or the community. I would rather have people in the community support the brand, build the brand, extend the sales channel and make some money for their effort and risk. For me it's simple: Hire a guy or empower the community? I choose the latter.    

So, we are working toward a system of discounts for people who buy say 10 phones or 50 phones,  and we are trying to create an opportunity for them so they can make money on their belief: their belief that FreeRunner will be a great product. Sean and I think that this belief should be rewarded and encouraged. So, we will do this.

Buying 10 phones, for example, will be as easy as buying 1 phone. And there will be a discount. 





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ramsesoriginal wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 3:52 PM, Pietro m0nt0 Montorfano
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>> Christian Beier ha scritto:
>>> Am Wed, 19 Mar 2008 22:48:10 +0100
>>  > schrieb "Carlo E. Prelz" <fluido at>:
>>  >
>>  >
>>  >> What we Europeans would need is a FIC subsidiary somewhere here,
>>  >>
>>  > As I read FIC has some branch in Czech or Slovakia. Thing is: If you
>>  > ship a container €70 is definitely not the price per device.
>>  > You can help: motivate enough penguin people to buy a new phone and
>>  > maybe some one will risk such order.
>>  >
>>  > If FIC could ship them to Czech (or Slovakia) with their in house
>>  > post it might be easier to get a good price.
>>  >
>>  > Let's hope.
>>  > Christian
>>  >
>>  This is what i'd like to do with my LUG and some other people near me,
>>  take the name, make only one order of 10 Neos and then give the phones
>>  to the people. Obviously the price will not be lowered a lot, but the
>>  shipping costs are usually divided so in total it will cost less to
>>  everyone. We always do the same with thinkgeek things or some CDs or DVDs.
>>  Just my 0.2€cent :D
>>  Pietro
> The same also holds true if (and here comes the crazy part: correct me
> if it's illegal) someone want's to buy a bunch of Freerunners (let's
> say 10), customize them (with custom themes, programs, settings, maybe
> even pre-filled data, some additional hardware, case mods, and much
> more), and resell them, either to privates that want given features,
> or to firms as a working phone, or for some specific application (for
> example skiers, with custom software and theme).
> Doing so would also allow to grow a family of hacks around the
> openmoko (a version with a webcam? with build-in batteries? with r/c
> sender incorporated? with wooden case?).
> Just my two €-cents

There is nothing crazy about this idea. In fact, this is exactly what 
we're planning for ;-)

Details will come later from Steve or Harry.


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