GSoC ideas discussion (again)

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Sun Mar 23 02:01:28 CET 2008


On Sat, 2008-03-22 at 20:06, Ilja O. wrote:
> 1) Accelerometer gestures

People talking a lot about them. Building a solid fundation with
available gestures and perhaps an easy interface for adding new ones
would be nice. Smells for me like a candidate for the "build a
framework part and a kicking ass app to demo it on top"-approach.

> 2) Two USB device mode (Is this correct mode name?) -- NIC (as it is
> now) and HDD.

As Marcin already stated is this nothing that needs 3 months of work.
The kernel already has the gadget infrastructre to let the device get
used as a USB storage device. It's just a kernel module you can load
with a partition as parameter. What would be needed here is testing
and a, really small, UI to switch between different modes for USB

> 3) Samba sharing

Hmm, could be a job, but not really exciting. :)

> 4) Incoming call management - ban cumbers (drop or do not pick up)
> auto-reply with SMS, etc...

As much as I would like to get this feature done, I honestly don't
think that our infrstructure for call handling is in shape for this.
This would end in a) a Hack or b) a lot work on the telephony stuff.
For b) the application would better have another name to reflect the

What many from us would like to see would be some more
middleware/infrastructure enhancements before adding more and more
features. But that is not a must.

Myself and the others mentors will try to get you some early feedback
when the applications arrive. Don't wait until the last minute guys.

Stefan Schmidt
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