GSoC volunteer (as student)

Patryk Szymczak patryk.szymczak at
Mon Mar 24 17:40:30 CET 2008

Hi everyone!

I have read all GSoC related topics at this mailing list and now I am
wondering, what project idea I could take care of.
I am also asking if someone is interested in mentoring me?

Now something about me. I am from Wroclaw, POLAND, where studying
computer engineering (very related to low level programming).
I have 1 year left to Master of Science degree. I also have half-time
job in programming GSM terminals, GSM modules (Telit [1], Wavecom
[2]), telemetry devices, mobile devices. At job, my responsibility
covers everything, starting with contacts with client, lots of
research, planning steps, implementing, testing, documentation
maintaining and client training (I am planning to give it up for a
summer because of GSoC) . I am also experienced in working in
multinational team (especially with Germans) and love programming

I use Linux for 4 years but I am not a kernel hacker. The technologies
I feel most comfortable with are: GSM(in many attitudes), AT commands
and Python programming (including lots of Django, GUI (QT), numeric,
Python on telemetry devices, web crawlers, genetic algorithms...).

If I had to choose something from the Ideas list [3] that would be (in
decreasing order):
* Support/documentation/tutorials/examples for building Applications
in Python (so we could build apps as easily as on Symbian Python)
* Ambient Noise Detection
* Framework for Accelerometer Gestures (not a kernel driver)
* Implementing a subset of

If you think that there might be some interesting projects that a
person with my knowledge and experience could achieve, please let me
know ASAP so we could to put them under discussion.


Patryk Szymczak

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