GSoC 2008

Niluge KiWi kiwiiii at
Mon Mar 24 19:02:34 CET 2008


I'm a student in the french engineer school ENSIMAG, and I would like to
work for OpenMoko during the Google Summer of Code.

I'm interested in the accelerometers features [1]: Recognising gestures
is a really important part of the interface between the user and the
With the two accelerometers in the FreeRunner, I think we can recognise
lots of gestures, not only simple ones like a "click" (which is already
recognised by the accelerometers used in the FreeRunner). The main
difficulty is probably to extract the useful data from the gestures
noise : calibration may take time. The goal is to have an almost
pre-calibrated library (an idea from the wish-list in the Wiki is to
allow the user to record its own gestures, but I think it's not easy to
do it simple for the end-user).

The accelerometers could provide not only small gestures recognition
(like the ones listed on the Wiki: up-side-down, shaking,
flipping, ...), but full 3D-space positioning from a start position
(when the software is started).

Then we can imagine lots of uses of the library : improvements in the
control of the phone, programs specially created to use such
control(little games for examples).

The accelerometers gestures could be combined with the touchscreen for a
better use.
For example, the gesture navigation can be activated only when pressing
the screen:
if we are viewing a large picture, zoomed in, we could move through it
by moving the phone, but we don't want it moves all the time.

Other examples given on the Wiki [2] could be implemented by using the

I looked at the driver for the accelerometers, and it seems it's not yet
working. I don't think I'm able to work on the driver, so I hope it will
work this summer.

I'm also interested in working in the ambient noise detection in second


I hope I'll be part of the OpenMoko project this summer,
Thomas Riccardi

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