Price of the Freerunner spare parts

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Tue Mar 25 02:41:31 CET 2008

Am Di  25. März 2008 schrieb steve:
> I thought about spare parts a while back. The Issue is this.
> 1. WHAT do I stock ( which parts)

Obviously, NOT:
  Standard parts which are easily available elsewhere
  Parts which can't be replaced (chips)
  Parts too expensive in relation to cost of complete unit (mainboard)
So it boils down to
o-  one set of complete housing plastics (maybe split if a special part breaks
     significantly more often than the others)
o-  LCM + associated parts
o-  battery
o-  accessories (charger/USB-host-power-adapter, headset, ...?)
o-  debug board / kit
these should be available in reasonable quantity and pricing at your local 
(national) reseller

o-  other special parts (e.g. mini-usb to replace the one on mainboard, 
     GSM/GPS antenna, screws / springs, flat cable etc) 
probably might be shipped once a month from Suzhou, prepaid - assuming this 
won't exceed 1 event/month per 5.000 units sold, for a figure of magnitude. 
More frequently needed parts shall migrate to reseller path.

> 2. How Many do I stock?

??? difficult question. Probably start of regular distribution GTA02 will 
yield some data after a couple of months. At this point in time there still 
should be sufficient production stock.

> 3. How do I sell them to you?

The standard spare parts via resellers. Rarely needed parts via Suzhou, order 
by prepay.

> 4. What will it cost?

Hmm, probably for Suzhou parts the costs of handling will exceed the price of 
the mere part. OTOH supplying spare parts is a service for customers to 
polish OM image, not a business. Many customers don't buy a device that's not 
backed by reasonable service and/or spare parts.

> 5. how do you get them?

Wiki page with part descriptions and part numbers / price. 
Prepay by money order with part number + address. 
Surface delivery.


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