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Tue Mar 25 14:29:02 CET 2008

rakshat hooja wrote:
> 1) will 30 fps VGA res playback be possible?
> 2) will it be possible to have 2d transition effects (like MAC OS/ 
> Vista) be possible on the GUI without noticiable wait times.
> 3) Is any form of 3D acceleration support possible in the future for games?

I had those questions too, I think that when 3D specs of the Glamo chip 
will be available, it will be possible to make some 3D-accelerated 
tasks, but I've no idea about the performances of this chip. Anyway I 
don't think it's so great...

More than games I'd be intrested on some (simple) compositor-based 
effects, but of course I'd like to have also 3D games :P (think to 
Neverball used with accelerometers!!!).

I'm waiting for more informations... Bye!

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