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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> rakshat hooja wrote:

The answer to all these is "with more work" (and not with landscape
rotation :-)) )

>> 1) will 30 fps VGA res playback be possible?

There is an MP4 decoder in hardware in the Glamo, we didn't target it
yet.  It says it can do 30fps CIF and 20fps VGA, no code for it, not
tested, etc, but presumably it works.

There is a special case considering SD interface on Glamo (which we do
support) where the CPU only has to manage block level info from Glamo SD
- -> Glamo memory -> Glamo MP4 decoder and it is almost all done outside
the CPU (audio excepted).

>> 2) will it be possible to have 2d transition effects (like MAC OS/
>> Vista) be possible on the GUI without noticiable wait times.
>> 3) Is any form of 3D acceleration support possible in the future for
>> games?

There is a hardware 3D unit on the Glamo, the main constraint is it can
only address 512 x 512.  Otherwise it has lighting and textures and so
on and can do some kind of games.

> I had those questions too, I think that when 3D specs of the Glamo chip
> will be available, it will be possible to make some 3D-accelerated
> tasks, but I've no idea about the performances of this chip. Anyway I
> don't think it's so great...

Right, but because it is local to the glamo where the memory is, it is
possible it can surprise us a bit.

Currently the Glamo data is under NDA, if anyone with experience on this
end is interested to write the driver support they should definitely let
us know.

- -Andy

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