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Tue Mar 25 14:57:54 CET 2008

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> I had those questions too, I think that when 3D specs of the Glamo chip 
> will be available, it will be possible to make some 3D-accelerated 
> tasks, but I've no idea about the performances of this chip. Anyway I 
> don't think it's so great...

Looking at the smedia develpers page [1] there are two examples of 3D 
games that, I hope, should work on glamo chips.
They're not so simple, and... One of these is Neverball itself :P.

Anyway I think that the 3D support of the chip has not started yet (does 
it need some Mesa hack, isn't it?!) so maybe we've to wait some time for 
it (what about developing this durning GSoC!?).



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