Price of the Freerunner spare parts

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Wed Mar 26 06:04:58 CET 2008

Am Mi  26. März 2008 schrieb clare:
> On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> >
> > This is pretty much finished on my end.
> > Nokia BL-6C.
> > Allen Lin did tests (we could only get BL-5C so far, also works).
> > There are lots of clones of these Nokia batteries, we bought a few and can 
> > give you the names. But basically anything BL-4C, BL-5C, BL-6C compatible 
> > should work.
> > Wolfgang
> >
> on the GTA01v4 they work but will not charge. Is it different on 
> FReeRunner?

They *might* charge better in GTA02 (i guess not tested yet), and they won't 
deliver same telemetry you get from GTA02's smart-bat coloumb-counter (see 


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