video/graphics on GTA02

Tom Cooksey thomas.cooksey at
Wed Mar 26 10:02:25 CET 2008

> > I had those questions too, I think that when 3D specs of the Glamo chip
> > will be available, it will be possible to make some 3D-accelerated
> > tasks, but I've no idea about the performances of this chip. Anyway I
> > don't think it's so great...
> Right, but because it is local to the glamo where the memory is, it is
> possible it can surprise us a bit.
> Currently the Glamo data is under NDA, if anyone with experience on this
> end is interested to write the driver support they should definitely let
> us know.

I've been toying with the idea of doing some 3D driver work on the Glamo
in my spare time for a few months. I'm currently working on OpenGL ES
support in Qt/Embedded (formally Qtopia Core). As part of this work, I'm
trying to get to grips with the DRM and am starting work on a Qt/E screen
driver which uses the DRM modesetting branch. 

I don't have any experience in writing 3D drivers, but I've poked around
the DRM sources and have a fair idea of how it all hangs together. I've also 
had a brief look around the Xglamo sources. This would be a personal 
project, in my own time, completely unrelated to Trolltech. 

What would be involved in getting the docs for the Glamo? I.e. is it possible 
for an individual to sign the NDA and if so, what would the NDA contain.
E-mail me off-list if you believe that would be more appropriate.



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