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Federico Lorenzi florenzi at
Wed Mar 26 19:38:07 CET 2008

On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 4:36 PM, Stefan Schmidt <stefan at> wrote:
> Hello.
>  On Mon, 2008-03-24 at 19:02, Niluge KiWi wrote:
>  >
>  > I'm interested in the accelerometers features [1]: Recognising gestures
>  > is a really important part of the interface between the user and the
>  > phone.
>  Seems this ideas gets the interest of a lot people. Nice. :)
>  But as we only can choice one of them for this application, you should
>  be prepared for other applications, too.
>  > With the two accelerometers in the FreeRunner, I think we can recognise
>  > lots of gestures, not only simple ones like a "click" (which is already
>  > recognised by the accelerometers used in the FreeRunner). The main
>  > difficulty is probably to extract the useful data from the gestures
>  > noise : calibration may take time. The goal is to have an almost
>  > pre-calibrated library (an idea from the wish-list in the Wiki is to
>  > allow the user to record its own gestures, but I think it's not easy to
>  > do it simple for the end-user).
>  Letting the user add new gestures is a key feature IMHO. Also letting
>  them combine different gestures to new ones. We should make it easy
>  for people beaing creative with this. That's where innovation can
>  start. :)
>  If we can have a preset of already known gestures shipped with the
>  device, great.
>  > I'm also interested in working in the ambient noise detection in second
>  > choice.
>  Also interesting. What I never understand completely is what kind of
>  cool stuff we can do with this. I mean detecting the ambient volume
>  level and adjust the ringing, etc is nice, but can we do more with it?
>  Fancy things like detect if we are in a car or plane and react
>  accordingly?
Maybe the GPS would be better suited to that...
Speed below 30km/h = walking / running
Speed above 40km/h and below 240km/h = driving
Speed above 600km/h = plane.

Naturally however there should be an option to override this :)

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