Cooperative Differential GPS

beren at beren at
Thu Mar 27 14:24:56 CET 2008

Hi all!

After hours of searching the web for information about the new Antaris GPS 
chip I am still not sure if it will be possible to use the raw data output of 
the ATR0635 (message type RXM-RAW) on the Neo FreeRunner. This message 
should, according to the protocol specification [1], contain information 
about the per-satellite errors necessary to build something like 
a "cooperative differential GPS" [2]. Such an application could - in theory - 
greatly improve the accuracy of the Neo-GPS and therefore open it up to a 
whole new range of use-cases.
However, this [2] document states on page 14 that, "RAW message support 
requires an additional license" which makes me wonder if the FreeRunner will 
have the ability to query the raw information needed or not!?!
I would be very grateful for any information about this topic.

-- beren


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