TomTom on Openmoko?

Ian Darwin ian at
Thu Mar 27 15:11:24 CET 2008

ramsesoriginal wrote:
> I am of the idea that a navigation system would be THE killer-app for
> the openmoko, and I personally know many persons that would also pay
> extra money to have a navigator on a phone. We have various
> possibilities: we could try to make some sort of deal with TomTom,
> write our own system based on OSM (and btw we could let the openmokos
> submit data to osm at the same time to increase accuracy), or (and
> that's my favorite) we could try to make something based on google
> maps/earth. The whole engime is already there[1], as are also the
> maps. Just make some changes to add gps capabilities, and it's great!

You *may not* use Google Maps data to make navigation systems like that.

Check the Terms & Conditions.

This is why OSM was created. You have a GPS, start contributing to OSM.

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