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Thu Mar 27 15:16:09 CET 2008

2008/3/27 Marcin Juszkiewicz <openembedded at>:
> Dnia Thursday 27 of March 2008, Christ van Willegen napisał:
> > >  OSM is nice idea but it is only idea. It will never replace
>  > > commercial maps.
>  >
>  > Have you seen the progress that's been made in The Netherlands?
>  Have you seen how it was done?

Ofcourse. I was there when the data was donated...

>  "Automotive Navigation Data (AND) is a leading provider of location,
>  routing, mapping and address management are donating a street network of
>  the entire Netherlands. Yes, an entire country."
>  It was not done by community but by commercial company...

The community has put a tremendous amount of work into getting the
data converted, rendered, adaptable for further uses (for instance
adding bicycle or pedestrian routes) and is busy making it easier to
correct data in the field. Whole villages and cities have been mapped
by the community in the past.

The Freerunner (and other phones/smartphones/laptops/etc...) that can
be adapted to upload data to OpenStreetMap will only make things
_better_, not worse.

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