TomTom on Openmoko?

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> Marcin Juszkiewicz ha scritto:
> > "Automotive Navigation Data (AND) is a leading provider of
> > location, routing, mapping and address management are donating a
> > street network of the entire Netherlands. Yes, an entire country."
> > 
> > It was not done by community but by commercial company...
> > 
> so what? the idea behind OSM, as I see it, is not only to produce new
> data, but also to put pressure on data holders to set their data free.
> OSM has been very successful in Holland and Ireland, and things are
> moving fast also here in Italy, where several municipalities are
> giving their data to the project.
> Anyway, if you do not believe in free software and data, I think you
> can be happy with an N95 or similar.
> :)
> pc

There were reports of ordinance survey were looking into giving data in
the UK. Also, we have a great phone with GPS, wifi, bluetooth and gsm,
why not update it if you find something not on there as you are walking
around town?

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