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> The openness is much appreciated!!  The hack value of this phone is
> really mind-boggling.  IMHO It could become to this generation's young
> hackers what the old Apple IIs and Commodores were to my generation.
> As for the 6400 vs the 2443, is there any reason to prefer the 2443?
> The 6400 seems better in every way.
> As for other ideas, in sorted order of perceived probability:
> 1.  First, some sort of mounting holes near the USB (like the PSP)?
> Or another USB port on the back (with mount holes), to allow things to
> be attached behind the phone?  I'm in the Virtual Reality group here,
> and a phone with GPS, accelerometers, and 3D is *very* interesting.
> With a more specific positioning system (e.g. like the wiimote's IR)
> attached, it'd be really useful in an immersive CAVE (small room with
> projectors on 4-6 sides) or a gigapixel (25-50 LCDs arranged into one
> giant display) system.
> 2. Actually, is there any hope of getting 3d acceleration out of the
> graphics chip, or is that too bogged down with NDA-ness?  Are we stuck
> porting Mesa3D?
> 3. Also, a wifi adapter that does promiscuous mode?  A few sysadmins
> would love to run wireshark on it, to diagnose what's going on with
> their network.
> 4. Personally, I'd love some sort of high-speed connector, so I could
> connect something like an FPGA to it.  Maybe access to the GPIO off
> the processor?  I don't expect it to be a high priority, but I have to
> ask :-)
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Promiscuous mode? I would prefer full packet injection ;) see those wep
networks crumble.

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