Price of the Freerunner spare parts

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Thu Mar 27 18:30:33 CET 2008

The information about returns and defects etc needs to be shared. First,
however, it needs to be established or estimated. I haven’t seen a single
number from anybody on the demand rate for batteries or LCD or back covers.

Anyone care to guess?


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Le lundi 24 mars 2008 à 16:00 -0700, steve a écrit :
> I thought about spare parts a while back. The Issue is this.
> 1. WHAT do I stock ( which parts)
> 2. How Many do I stock?
> 3. How do I sell them to you?
> 4. What will it cost?
> 5. how do you get them?
> I suppose I could Offer component kits for sale. That would be the
> thing for me to do. Sell the whole bag of parts; fix it your self.
> or build a business around this service.

Hi Steve, 

As resellers of few products, we always share this information between
resellers and the global manufacturer.

This kind of risk should be shared between Openmoko and resellers, and
they need a good communication to share statistics about returns and
defect parts.

Now, about shipping, spare parts ordering and cost, you probably need to
setup a kind of extranet where the resellers will find the special
price, customer's price, qty and where to get them (from a local hub).

Best regards


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