TomTom on Openmoko?

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Thu Mar 27 22:14:03 CET 2008

Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
>> ... as for navigation.. well, isn't there a libgarmin that can read
>> garmin maps directly? Can't NavIt do this now?
> There is and NavIt can use it.

In fact, this is the right temporary (?) solution imho!
I hope I'll be able to run Navit with commercial garmin maps (rendered 
by libgarmin) at the beginning... Then I'll hope to use OSM.
Of course I think I'll use my Freerunner to map my area!

Anyway I accept the idea of using commercial apps/maps until there's 
nothing of usable for free and freely, since generally such tools become 
useful when we're traveling in unknown places, and so that we can't map 
on OMS without the help of others!

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