TomTom on Openmoko?

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| My area too is poorly mapped. But what I think is that once someone
| start using a commercial program because they need it, they will never
| get back to a free project if it is not yet able to deliver the same
| service.
| My understanding is that the development of free projects is started
| and driven by a need. If needs are fulfilled by another program, the
| effort that is put in developing the free project lowers considerably.
| I really look forward for an Openmoko application able to display and
| let me update OSM (by gathering gps data or directly on the road).

I agree, this thread made me pretty curious about that possibility.  It
seems all you need is GPS polling and logging into simple XML to make
the road data, and it is a separate step that can be done cooperatively
with your browser to annotate it.  So although I just speak for myself
and did not use the GPS function yet or know anything about it, I would
really imagine the GPS data collection end while you drive or walk
around will come along because it is simple and valuable.

I think when discussing OSM we have to add "" to everything, as
in "my area is poorly mapped... today": it clearly evolves fast and even
a modest density of GPS collecting folk will fill it in over time... I
mean you can just go for a long and rather fractal walk around your
village or town with Freerunner in your pocket and -- bang.

- -Andy
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