Price of the Freerunner spare parts

Alexandre Ghisoli alexandre.ghisoli at
Fri Mar 28 10:24:15 CET 2008

Le jeudi 27 mars 2008 à 10:30 -0700, steve a écrit :
> Yes, 
> The information about returns and defects etc needs to be shared. First,
> however, it needs to be established or estimated. I haven’t seen a single
> number from anybody on the demand rate for batteries or LCD or back covers.
> Anyone care to guess?

We provide many mobile DECT phones, and few GSM to very small companies
(1-10 ppl) and few bigs (100+).

Majors returns are about batteries, nearly 1:1 ratio if customer keep
it's device for more than 2years.

Second, we have to provide accessories (screen protectors, chargers,
holster, sync cable, ...).

Third we get few defect (Dead on arrival or misused like falling, got in
water, broken LCD and some recall / updates from the manufacturer) and
we can fix or change for a new.

My guess :

- at least 30% batteries in stock, people didn't want to wait to have it

- get 10-20% accessories and chargers

- then a 1-5% for repairs, I think it's the less valued. At least for
business customers (most of our market), you'd better have few
Freerunner in stock to make a 1:1 change and get an happy customer. You
can make the repair in lab then resell the device as reconditioned one.

Hope it helps.


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