Accelerometer brainstorming

christooss christooss at
Fri Mar 28 16:07:04 CET 2008

Alexey Feldgendler wrote:
> Just like my recent post about using GPS to enhance the phone, I'll 
> try to explore the synergy opportunities for the accelerometers that 
> Neo has. Once again, some of this might have already been discussed.
> * Intuitive mute: put the ringing phone on a flat horizontal surface 
> (table) with its screen facing down to stop the ringing. Intuitive for 
> the user and easy to detect with the accelerometers. Could also be 
> used to hang up the current call. The gesture is very distinguishable 
> and is hard to misinterpret because there aren't many situations when 
> the user would normally put the phone on the table screen down.
Very nice feature that would be great to see it in action.
> * Vibration control: when the phone is lying flat, either with its 
> screen up or down, don't vibrate, so as to not produce the annoying 
> loud noise. Ring instead, or do something else. Maybe make a weaker 
> vibration, if the vibrator can do that.
> * Step counter: use the accelerometers to count steps when walking or 
> running. Some people use dedicated devices for that.
> * GPS power saving: you can't move if you don't accelerate, so don't 
> do power-expensive location detection until acceleration is detected. 
> Once it's detected, start monitoring the location and keep doing it. 
> Stop monitoring once the position stops changing for a while.
* control menus and games with accelometer. Im new to this openmoko 
world but what do you think about 2d neverball clone on neo that you 
control with changing angle of phone position.

How are accelometer signals captured by os?
Any known application that usses accelometers?

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