Accelerometer brainstorming

Ben Burdette bburdette at
Fri Mar 28 18:40:12 CET 2008

Alexey Feldgendler wrote:
> Just like my recent post about using GPS to enhance the phone, I'll 
> try to explore the synergy opportunities for the accelerometers that 
> Neo has. Once again, some of this might have already been discussed.
I'd like to see an accelerometer graphing application, so you could 
monitor and graph g force levels.  Maybe throw in a zeroing button to 
set a baseline orientation, then show deviation from that.  Maybe not 
extraordinarily useful, but it would be cool to look at.  You could also 
record the data for later hacking or comparison, like what was my max 
g-force last time I went skydiving compared to this time?  The graphing 
and etc would be good for studying the feasability of other 
accelerometer uses, ie is a tap on the case a recognizable event? 

Speaking of that, I'd like a tap on the case to be configurable as a 
mute function during ringing.  So if you forgot to mute your phone at 
the symphony and it starts ringing somewhere inside your backpack or 
jacket, a well placed kick would (probably) mute it.  The value here is 
not having to hunt for the phone and find a button on it.  I guess this 
falls under the larger category of gesture recognition, but this alone 
would be a real win for me. 

Another use would be as a 0-60 or quarter mile acceleration timer.  
Here's a link to a company that makes these:

I don't know if the accelerometer in the freerunner is accurate enough, 
but this is a low priced product, I'd think their accelerometers are not 
a great deal better, if any.

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