TomTom on Openmoko?

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> My area too is poorly mapped. But what I think is that once someone
> start using a commercial program because they need it, they will never
> get back to a free project if it is not yet able to deliver the same
> service.
> My understanding is that the development of free projects is started
> and driven by a need. If needs are fulfilled by another program, the
> effort that is put in developing the free project lowers considerably.
> I really look forward for an Openmoko application able to display and
> let me update OSM (by gathering gps data or directly on the road).
In my opinion OSM is not only about replacing non-free mapping data.
Information can also be added which is not considered to be worth to be added
by the comercial map providers.
When I'm traveling by bicycle I check for OSM availability because
if there is good OSM data available these maps are often better for cyclists,
than many non-free maps.

So I think there are needs which won't be easily fulfilled by non-free maps.
The bicycle stuff is just an example.

Andreas Kemnade
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