Community announcement: poll for Openmoko "Community Member of the Week"

Michael Shiloh michael at
Fri Mar 28 19:32:22 CET 2008

Dear community,

I'd like to initiate a weekly poll for you, our community, to nominate a 
fellow community member who has contributed substantially to the 
project, whether an application, a bug fix, testing work, How-To guide, 

The intent is clearly to identify and appreciate those of you who have 
made and continue to make substantial contributions, and also to 
encourage that extra bit of work required to turn a good application 
into an excellent one, with a nicely polished GUI, a well written user 
guide, etc.

There is also an important open source philosophical point to this: As I 
speak at many public events, I am often asked to justify the open source 
nature of this project, and specifically how the community contributes 
to the project. I try to keep up with everything you all do, but the 
amount is so high that I'm sure I'm missing many important contributions.

This poll will allow you to bring to my attention work I may have missed.

I emphasize that this is not limited to applications or in fact software 
at all.

I'm not sure if it makes more sense to do this on the wiki or the 
website, but I'd like to try doing this on the wiki first. I think our 
community is sufficiently honest and respectful that we don't need 
elaborate checks to make sure people aren't voting more than once.

Perhaps all that is needed is a wiki page with a table with 3 columns: 
Nominator (your name or nickname), nominee (who you are voting for) and 

At the end of the week the winner gets a T-shirt from and a new poll takes place.


Can someone set up such a wiki page?

Once we iron out the details and the wiki page is set up I'll announce 
this on the "announce" list.


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