GSoC 2008 Voice box

Frederik Sdun frederik.sdun at
Sat Mar 29 20:38:55 CET 2008


I had some problems mailing to the list. So i try to take my last

I'm a student in the german university of applied science in Offenburg
and want to participate openmoko for Google Summer of Code and more.

I'm very interested in a feature on the wishlist: the voicebox [1]. i
think this is a great feature for the users because they can see and use
it from the beginning. Also thought about calendar integration, so user
do not have to switch to this mode. instead the phone replies sth. like
"I'm in a meeting till 2.30 p.m. call you later" ([2]) or sends a

If you will prefer one of the official list i want to code one of the
VoIP parts (9,10,16). This is a great feature if you are at home or a
customer who has a contract with for a lot of hotspots. might be not
useful for umts yet because most providers block these ports.

hope i can join the community.

Frederik Sdun 


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