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joerg joerg.twinklephone at gmx.de
Sun Mar 30 18:01:59 CEST 2008

Am So  30. März 2008 schrieb Nick Guenther:
> On 3/30/08, khang <mjc0323 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > and cablenet
> > (IPTV, vedio on demand .. ).
> > Is  it  possible ?
> This thing is too tiny to have a coaxial connection, and the
> processing power is probably too weak. This is a phone, not an
> everything, keep on target please.

Well I guess there are a lot of cable modems with WLAN.
NEO is no phone, but only a something like a 300MHz/128MB computer. You won't 
find any in this class to do tricks like IPTV :-D (at least w/o a graphics 
video accelerator card, or other dedicated video hardware)


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