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On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 14:06, Alex Zhang wrote:
>> The project is
> I think it's easy to develop a daemon talking with NM to manage the  
> networks. But most important thing is to merge NM into our devices,  
> because NM depends on many packages like: libnl, hal, udev, dhclient,  
> wpa_supplicant ...

That is the point where a good build system comes into play.
OpenEmbedded handles this for us. I hope you don't build all the stuff
for your device by hand.

> In addition, though NM-0.7 has a clear framework, but it's not ready ATM :(

Well, have you tested it at least? I'm using SVN rev 3202 of the NM
daemon here for some months now. It allows me to connect to wired
ethernet, open wifi, WEP wifi, WPA wifi and WPA2 wifi. It is not SVN
HEAD but runs pretty stable. Of course I'm also waiting for a 0.7
release, but having all the API changes in mind, coding against 0.6.6
makes no sense.

> Anyway, glad to see you're starting such project, Hope can share some  
> idea with you :)

To elaborate a bit more on enlazar. It is not a daemon. It is an UI
for NM using EFL written against a given product spec. The major work
goes into e_nm, a convenience library inside e_dbus.

There are also more ideas how to improve NM itself on mobile
devices. For example keep the wifi connection down most of the time
and react on "network requests" of applications. Like pppd dial on
demand. But that are just ideas right now.

So if your device uses EFL enlazar could be interesting for you. Or
better e_nm could be interesting. If you don't you EFL, enlazar gives
you nothing extra.

Stefan Schmidt
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