Shipping Specs for Freerunner (Was: Group Sales: U.S. Midwest area)

Kevin Dean kevin at
Thu May 1 23:18:42 CEST 2008

I notice that certain groups in the USA are consolidating for 10-pack
purchases. Unfortunately, some of the regions being covered are bigger
than some entire nations in Europe. While I can't be sure this is the
case, I can't help but think that joining in a regional 10-pack ONLY
works if it costs LESS to ship or pick-up your device.

Are there any size or weight dimensions known about the Freerunner
packages? How much will the 10-pack weigh? How much will a single
using weight?

Assuming you found 10 people to each chip in for a 10 pack you'd get a
Freerunner for $369 USD and save $30 USD. This assumes that the person
getting the Freerunners doesn't charge you to ship it, doesn't charge
a handling fee, doesn't screw you out of your money. If shipping is
$10 then that drops your savings to $20. If (like I suspect) the
Freerunner SINGLE unit costs about $20 USD to ship via UPS your
savings really drops to about $10 over buying directly from Openmoko.

Openmoko guys! Can you give us the specs so that those interested in
bulk purchases can figure out the logistics of shipping versus
individual sales and then factor that into the regions that will be
used to organize bulk purchases?


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