Shipping Specs for Freerunner (Was: Group Sales: U.S. Midwest area)

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Thu May 1 23:28:29 CEST 2008

They have provided the specs in a different email stream.

But don't forgot you're going to have to pay for the shipping for an
individual item from CA if you order a single.

And there are extras when you or 10 together.

On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 5:18 PM, Kevin Dean <kevin at> wrote:

> I notice that certain groups in the USA are consolidating for 10-pack
> purchases. Unfortunately, some of the regions being covered are bigger
> than some entire nations in Europe. While I can't be sure this is the
> case, I can't help but think that joining in a regional 10-pack ONLY
> works if it costs LESS to ship or pick-up your device.
> Are there any size or weight dimensions known about the Freerunner
> packages? How much will the 10-pack weigh? How much will a single
> using weight?
> Assuming you found 10 people to each chip in for a 10 pack you'd get a
> Freerunner for $369 USD and save $30 USD. This assumes that the person
> getting the Freerunners doesn't charge you to ship it, doesn't charge
> a handling fee, doesn't screw you out of your money. If shipping is
> $10 then that drops your savings to $20. If (like I suspect) the
> Freerunner SINGLE unit costs about $20 USD to ship via UPS your
> savings really drops to about $10 over buying directly from Openmoko.
> Openmoko guys! Can you give us the specs so that those interested in
> bulk purchases can figure out the logistics of shipping versus
> individual sales and then factor that into the regions that will be
> used to organize bulk purchases?
> Thanks.
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