Shipping Specs for Freerunner (Was: Group Sales: U.S. Midwest area)

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Thu May 1 23:51:27 CEST 2008

Kevin Dean wrote:
> Can you drop any more hints on where specifically to find this?

 From Steve's Email to the Community list April 24 at 12:44pm Pacific 
time with a subject of "10 PACK UPDATE!!!" :
"Every 10 pack, will come with a box of stuff. 10 pouches and 10 head sets."

In an Email around that same week, he had given the weight of about 3 
pounds for 10 units, which I remember thinking sounded too light for 10 
units (unless he meant 3lbs per phone?), and had given the dimensions of 
the larger box that would contain all 10 boxes but I don't recall those 
offhand. He had quoted about $70 to ship a 10-pack to somewhere in 
Europe and guessed it would be ~$20 to ship within the US.

For those of us coordinating a 10-pack order, I guess we'll be 
responsible too for getting smaller boxes to ship in, plus whatever 
postage/shipping costs to distribute the smaller boxes to the other people?

If Steve's throwing in a pouch and headset for 10-pack orders, then I 
doubt the larger box will contain 10 pre-packaged ready-to-ship boxes 
with the pouch/headset already inside?


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