Is unstable?

Julian julian_chu at
Fri May 2 22:26:45 CEST 2008

Thomas Jensen 提到:
> fre, 02 05 2008 kl. 05:48 +0200, skrev Joachim Steiger:
> Today I got my other computer back from service, and with that one I had
> no problems getting the files. If I get troubles again I will try
> the https:// trick.
> I have a running openmoko qemu, next step is to learn to use the
> toolchain. Is this the list to ask for help about setting up things, ask
> trivial newbie questions etc.? Is there a better place?
> Maybe someone can point me to some good starting points?
> My goal is to write a few simple stand-alone applications to run on
> Freerunner, not doing hardcore system programming. I am familiar with C,
> and I have started reading a book about GTK+ development. 
> Thanks...

There is a tutorial on wiki about Toolchain.

However, the toolchain is too old.
I am trying to build new toolchain , there is some problem with it.
If I finishit, I will release it as soon as possible.



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