Wiki distorted in Firefox 3?

MartinG gronslet at
Mon May 5 13:20:28 CEST 2008

On 5/5/08, Tomas Gustavsson <tomplast at> wrote:
> I'm running Firefox 3 Beta 5 in Ubuntu 8.04 and the OpenMoko wiki menu
>  (the one to the left) is placed a long way down (instead of at the
>  top). Is this a Firefox bug or a css problem?

Same goes for the Opera browser [1] - the menu comes after the rest of
the text, down to the right. I think it has been like this for a long
time, and for many versions of opera (9.x). I now use 9.50 Beta 2, and
the problem persists.

I think the problem was there also when the wiki was bug free (see



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