Multi-Level Markting - Is OpenMoko interested in?

Roland Häder roland at
Mon May 5 19:47:37 CEST 2008

Hi together,

as the subject said I'm asking here if OpenMoko is interested in multi level 
marketing? You can read about the basics on Wikipedia if you don't know 
it. :)

My friend and I have a (German) Internet marketing platform with about 800+ 
registrations. We have a lot different ways of marketing there. Here are only 
some examples:

- Mails directly delivered to our members
- Click mails where they have to login to get their reward
- Banners (forced-click banner and rotation banners)
- Textlinks
- An AdSense-like system (in planing phase)
- 1 Euro for a 88x31 or textlink for one year
- Bonus campaigns (a bit like button or textlink promotion)
- Sign up actions

If you like I can send you the link directly not here in mailing list.

And have you heard about Zanox?

Best regards,
Roland Haeder

PS: I have CC-ed Trisoft and my friend. :)

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