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I looked at emachines a few years back for doing some custom car parts. The
CAD tool was a bit funky. The price was not hobby  friendly as you note. 
My friend owned a machine shop so he just CNCed the thing since he wanted it
too. I never tried a plastic part with emachine, but its all about the set
up cost and the tool you use. material is immaterial ( or should be)
You've seen the fishing rod holders. small rubber part u-shaped things. pry
it open
slip the rod in... I'm thinking down those lines, just for me, not a company
endorsed thing. Just messing around.  

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I just drew up my first part.  The price quote was $1600!  :-(  (In
all fairness, it's a much larger piece than what you're talking and in

Are their prices workable for smaller plastic designs?


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> Have you used emachine shop?

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