Multi-Level Markting - Is OpenMoko interested in?

Stefan Misch misel at
Tue May 6 01:31:19 CEST 2008

Hello Roland,

while I think that the OpenMoko should get more attention in the media I don't 
think it's a good idea to use all methods you mentioned.

An affiliate program (e.g. via zanox) would be a great idea but forced clicks 
and paid mails are dubious advertising methods at best. IMHO the Freerunner 
should get a more *honest* (in lack of a better word) advertising than that.

Also I think that as long as the software is not end-user friendly it's better 
to stick to word-of-mouth advertising plus technology geared media.

Take care,

Roland Häder wrote:
> Hi together,
> as the subject said I'm asking here if OpenMoko is interested in multi level 
> marketing? You can read about the basics on Wikipedia if you don't know 
> it. :)
> My friend and I have a (German) Internet marketing platform with about 800+ 
> registrations. We have a lot different ways of marketing there. Here are only 
> some examples:
> - Mails directly delivered to our members
> - Click mails where they have to login to get their reward
> - Banners (forced-click banner and rotation banners)
> - Textlinks
> - An AdSense-like system (in planing phase)
> - 1 Euro for a 88x31 or textlink for one year
> - Bonus campaigns (a bit like button or textlink promotion)
> - Sign up actions
> If you like I can send you the link directly not here in mailing list.
> And have you heard about Zanox?
> Best regards,
> Roland Haeder
> PS: I have CC-ed Trisoft and my friend. :)
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