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On Mon, 5 May 2008 23:38:50 +0000 (UTC) Fredrik Wendt <fredrik at>

remember guys... it's a PHONE... PHONE... PHONE. :) NOT a PC. yes - sacrifices
have been made. it was never intended to need a stylus - the state of the gui
demanded it (that is being worked on and getting better).

all of the below are pretty much compromises made by a lot of PHONEs. (yes -
the local phone store has tonnes of phones that are not 3G - it saves price).
and you want open - that has been another constraining factor in hardware


> Actually, I'm starting to feel like I'm going to be somewhat disappointed by
> the performance of the device:
> - battery drainage
> - hard (= chose the right codec, recode everything) to get flowing video
> playback
> - not being able to connect a VGA-over-USB
> - no 3G = slow data access = no streaming of my music
> - no 8GB microSD = I'll be able to carry < 10 % of my music (legal - ogg)
> - need for stylus, but no place to keep it
> I love the idea of this phone/miniature-PC, but I guess my hopes have been a
> little to high. There's a lot of scenarios where the device won't be practical
> to use (and commercial, closed alternatives have been working for some time).
> Perhaps I should write a list of my intended usage, stop whining and see what
> is possible when the actual device is in my hands. :)
> / Fredrik
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