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Tue May 6 09:02:08 CEST 2008

David Murrell <dmurrell at> writes:

> A thought.
> My current phone has birthday notifications for contact list members.
> This is fine, but a better extension would be to alert, and offer to
> send happy birthday text message around a pseudo random time (one
> wouldn't want to be seen to send the same message every year at exactly
> the same time)
> Alternatively, a prompt saying "Its $persons birthday. With a button
> saying "Send a message" :)
> Ok, I'm a guy, and I forget birthdays, and don't really understand the
> thing about getting a text message saying happy birthday, but evidently
> others do...

Ok then write it.

It would probably take about two hours if you were jumping into the
framework from scratch. So just do it.

You're looking at one attribute in the contacts database, a simple
alarm, a single dialog to prompt to send a message, and a very short
function to build and send the message. You've even speced out the
implementation in high level pseudocode!

The nice part about the Openmoko platform is that you can now apply
the Emacs mentality to a phone: if it is a simple feature you can hack
it together in an afternoon yourself.

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