Freerunner Sale Price in India - Official partner with Openmoko

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Tue May 6 09:27:48 CEST 2008

> Shakthi,

I have been using  GTA01 (Neo 1973)   my main phone for some time and felt
that at its price point (under INR 12000 for GSM and GPS and VGA display) it
would make a great phone for the Indian market. Unfortunately with its power
draining problems (I carry 2 spare batteries in my pocket) it can not be
mass produced (My initial email to Micheal was about reselling the GTA01 in

Anyway the good part is that the Openmoko and Qtopia software is GPL and
porting these to a GSM only hardware should be considerably easier than
writing a new GSM stack! We have plans get it to run on the CompuLab X270em
board but thats kind of stalled at the moment. If that works out one can
bring out GSM only, GSM+GPS, GSM+WiFi and GSM+GPS+WiFi versions of a phone
running Openmoko.

Maybe after the success of the Freerunner (I am quite confident on that as I
have seen the software really improving over the last 6 months and the price
point is pretty decent too) Openmoko themselves may consider bringing out a
lower spec cheaper version.

Right now I think it would be best to support the Openmoko endevour and try
and make the Freerunner a great success, both at the market and as a


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> Hi,
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> | I am so glad to introduce Mr.Rakshat to you all, actually they are our
> | first partner in India market, if you are developer come from India that
> you
> | can buy Freerunner from him directly for reduce your shipping cot and
> | customs process effort.
> \--
> I would like to thank you guys for this initiative. It greatly eases
> our shipping+customs+tax import issues. Yes, I have made my order :)
> I just have one request. If you guys can strip the current model to
> just have 1. a GSM (say INR 5k, or USD 125) , or 2. a model with
> GSM+GPS (with a reduced price, of course), it will be extremely useful
> for the "mass" market in India. I would assume the GSM takes
> one-fourth of the total price of the product. Not sure what is the
> proportion of the GPS component.
> INR 20k (with four RF components) is quite affordable to most people
> working in the Industry here in India, but, a basic, customizable
> phone would be really something that will be usable, and affordable
> for the "masses".
> Just my thoughts,
> SK
> --
> Shakthi Kannan
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