Mike Baroukh mike at
Tue May 6 09:26:42 CEST 2008

About this, I was wondering if there was possibility to have cron like
tasks even if the phone is suspended ?

If no, there is no way to make anything like this  bithdays remeber.
If yes, what will happend ? The phone will wkae up then suspend again ?
The tasks have to suspend it after completion ?

Sorry if this is a dumb question : I'm actually not an openmoko
developper (I will try  when I'll receive mine ...)


Clinton Ebadi a écrit :
> David Murrell <dmurrell at> writes:
>> A thought.
>> My current phone has birthday notifications for contact list members.
>> This is fine, but a better extension would be to alert, and offer to
>> send happy birthday text message around a pseudo random time (one
>> wouldn't want to be seen to send the same message every year at exactly
>> the same time)
>> Alternatively, a prompt saying "Its $persons birthday. With a button
>> saying "Send a message" :)
>> Ok, I'm a guy, and I forget birthdays, and don't really understand the
>> thing about getting a text message saying happy birthday, but evidently
>> others do...
> Ok then write it.
> It would probably take about two hours if you were jumping into the
> framework from scratch. So just do it.
> You're looking at one attribute in the contacts database, a simple
> alarm, a single dialog to prompt to send a message, and a very short
> function to build and send the message. You've even speced out the
> implementation in high level pseudocode!
> The nice part about the Openmoko platform is that you can now apply
> the Emacs mentality to a phone: if it is a simple feature you can hack
> it together in an afternoon yourself.

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