Is anyone else getting 2 or 3 copies of every mails?

Kosa kosa at
Wed May 7 00:45:43 CEST 2008

I had that issue for a couple of days when I created a
folder to store the messages I was reciving from this
list, but it was way worse. I recived some time ten or
more times the same messages, but they had all the same
time (hour and minute), and these two I got from Mo
Abrahams have different times.

Besides this mail from Mo and the time I set up a folder
to store everithing wich includes Openmoko, no, I don't
have that problem.

Hope that helps.


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Stefan Misch escribió:
> I have the same problem and ironically I got this "Nope, not me" twice.
> I'm pretty sure, I did not subscribe twice, because I do not get every 
> mail twice, only a rare few of them.
> I checked the headers of both mails and they seem to be identical save 
> for the Message-Id. (<1210111407.21070.3.camel at sartre> vs. 
> <1210111397.21070.1.camel at sartre>).
> It's pretty weird. I always thought it was just someguy accidently 
> sending messages twice.
> All best,
> Stefan
> Mo Abrahams wrote:
>> Nope, not me
>> On Tue, 2008-05-06 at 14:56 -0700, ian douglas wrote:
>>> Hey all,
>>> I'm randomly getting a second and sometimes a third copy of messages 
>>> coming to the list. For exampe, Torfinn Ingolfsen's last Email with 
>>> a subject line "Re: Software" -- I got three copies. I also got 
>>> three copies of Bradley Hook's message about the external displays, 
>>> but only one copy of Gabriel Ambeuhl's Email in the same thread.
>>> Anyone else seeing this?
>>> This doesn't affect any other mailing list or personal messages 
>>> coming to my Email account, which helped me pinpoint that it's an 
>>> issue with the OpenMoko community list.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ian
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