Programming OM (was: Software)

Thomas Jensen tj at
Wed May 7 01:19:00 CEST 2008

Clinton Ebadi wrote:
> The nice part about the Openmoko platform is that you can now apply
> the Emacs mentality to a phone: if it is a simple feature you can hack
> it together in an afternoon yourself.

I am new here. Do I understand this correct - it will be possible to
write programs on the phone for the phone? Or will I need to write and
compile the programs on a pc? 

One thing I liked about my Palm PDA was OnBoardC - I had my first
program running, written on the PDA, a week after I got it. But Palm
also had some very fine documentation, and OnBoardC had a programming
Cookbook, so it was easy to get started. 

I have not been able to find the same level of documentation (yet?) to
OM. I have downloaded the toolchain, and I more or less know how to use
it, thanks to a wiki page ( 


> It would probably take about two hours if you were jumping into the
> framework from scratch. So just do it.

Do you have a link to a good starting point?  :-)


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