Freerunner and external Display

Adam Steele adam at
Wed May 7 02:30:08 CEST 2008

I've had the thought of a micro projector rolling around in my head for
a few weeks after stumbling upon this:
It's software driven and can do ~8FPS, although it's passive matrix and
128x128 resolution. With a few ultra bright LEDs (I have a few 265 lumen
LEDs**) and a smallish film camera lens a cheap cheap DIY projector
sounds feasible. It might not be good enough for slide shows but it
could show videos to friends on a bigger than normal screen (two feet
diagonal, at best is what I'm thinking) all from a cellphone. Add in a
lithium battery or two (3.7v 2200mah) and it'd be great. It's USB &
Linux friendly...could even add it to the NSLU2!


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