accuracy gps-chip?

Jens Meyer jm2 at
Wed May 7 18:24:51 CEST 2008

Hello all (especially the GPS-specialists)!

Actually I am considering to buy an external GPS-mouse (bluetooth + 
datalogger) for geotagging, tracking and navigation purposes (standalone 
and with actual handy-software).
Of course I am waiting for the Freerunner, too and the question occured 
if there is really a need for such an external device when using the 

I am hoping for a reliable battery-life of the Freerunner so - as far as 
I can see - another important point is the quality/accuracy of the GPS.

Are there any major differences between the ATR0635 (used in Freerunner, 
correct?) and an Adopt MTK chipset (based on test-information similar to 
a SIRF III - i.e. used in
I compared some chipset-specifications but don't understand the 
important information in detail...

I found further information how to use the GPS-information from 
Neo/Freerunner via Bluetooth on a laptop. Will it be possible to use the 
Freerunner as external GPS-device via bluetooth with a Nokia N73 also 
(perhaps with following the description under "Bluetooth GPS relay"?)? 
No flames, please - only in case of emergency. ;-)

Any hints would be great, thanks!

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