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Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen admin at
Wed May 7 19:29:22 CEST 2008

Hmm... KDevelop 4? (it's being reimplemented and is looking super-nifty by 
now) :)

Wednesday 07 May 2008 skrev Lally Singh:
> Nah, I'd been planning on getting haskell up for OM.  They already
> have a basic ARM target for ghc, and there's already a haskell->GTK
> mapping.
> But, now that we're talking about development environments,  who'd be
> interested in using an IDE for developing OM?
> I was thinking about putting together a Netbeans plugin to dev for it.
>  I'm wondering:
> 1. anyone want to use such a thing?
> 2. anyone wanna help?
> I'll be using Mac OS X & solaris personally (probably more of the
> latter), but if someone'd be up for testing it on Linux, I'd be happy
> to support that too.  A nice little basis to create wizards for all
> kinds of OM applications, plugins, etc. sounds like good community
> open-source fun.
> I'd consider this my first big contribution to OM, so I'm happy to do it.
> Please, no religious wars on Java/NetBeans, etc.  Feel free to use the
> work for your own desires after, but I've been through enough dev
> cycles on other platforms that I'm feeling pretty firm on this.
> If you say 'Eclipse', I'm going to traceroute you from a cell modem in
> my car, and bring a baseball bat with me.
> On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 10:32 AM, Oliver Uvman <oliver.uvman at> 
> > Jesus! I thought I was the only one wanting to program CL on the OM.
> >  I've had lots of interesting ideas on how to use a gesture-based
> >  interface for writing CL, which could work only thanks to the sparse
> >  syntax, and plan to make that some of the first things I program for
> >  my OM. Hooray!
> >
> >  /Oliver Uvman
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