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Wed May 7 19:59:12 CEST 2008

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Soulnds like a good idea, even if i preferred Eclipse more ;-). I don't 
have any problems with Eclipse and use it for Java, PHP and C.
But if you prefer Netbeans and you want to write the plugin it's over to 
you. So when it's "finished" I will install Netbeans, too.

Greetings Bastian

Lally Singh schrieb:
| Nah, I'd been planning on getting haskell up for OM.  They already
| have a basic ARM target for ghc, and there's already a haskell->GTK
| mapping.
| But, now that we're talking about development environments,  who'd be
| interested in using an IDE for developing OM?
| I was thinking about putting together a Netbeans plugin to dev for it.
|  I'm wondering:
| 1. anyone want to use such a thing?
| 2. anyone wanna help?
| I'll be using Mac OS X & solaris personally (probably more of the
| latter), but if someone'd be up for testing it on Linux, I'd be happy
| to support that too.  A nice little basis to create wizards for all
| kinds of OM applications, plugins, etc. sounds like good community
| open-source fun.
| I'd consider this my first big contribution to OM, so I'm happy to do it.
| Please, no religious wars on Java/NetBeans, etc.  Feel free to use the
| work for your own desires after, but I've been through enough dev
| cycles on other platforms that I'm feeling pretty firm on this.
| If you say 'Eclipse', I'm going to traceroute you from a cell modem in
| my car, and bring a baseball bat with me.
| On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 10:32 AM, Oliver Uvman <oliver.uvman at> 
|> Jesus! I thought I was the only one wanting to program CL on the OM.
|>  I've had lots of interesting ideas on how to use a gesture-based
|>  interface for writing CL, which could work only thanks to the sparse
|>  syntax, and plan to make that some of the first things I program for
|>  my OM. Hooray!
|>  /Oliver Uvman
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