accuracy gps-chip?

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Wed May 7 20:19:19 CEST 2008

Peter Kraker schrieb:
> GPS in in freerunner is made by u-blox, antaris 4 I beleive. A bit less
> sensitive than Sirf III or u-blox LEA-5H (which is excellent) but still
> a very good GPS receiver. I think you won't need a data logger with
> Freerunner in your pocket.

Just from my experience: I would at any time exchange any SIRF
(includeing III) based receiver against a uBlox one - their algorithms
an technology is by far superior to SIRF.
I used SIRF III and directly compared to Antaris-4 (and 5) - basically
every aspect is better: Higher acuracy, less error, faster TTF, etc.
Especially SIRF-III is horrible at low speeds - not so Antaris 4 or 5.
And comparing to SIRF II is almost like comparing apples with oranges,
completely different class.

So don't worry...

> As for GPS receiver over bluetooth, it's perfectly doable without much
> programming work involved I would think. It won't be supported
> out-of-the box though.
> Best regards
> Peter Kraker
  nils faerber

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