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On 5/7/08, joerg at <joerg at> wrote:
> Am Mi  7. Mai 2008 schrieb David Samblas Martinez:
> > And why not implement a "execute command" option in
> > the PIM Task Manager(Schedule)?
> > If the neo will be able to wake up to play a sound
> > and/or buzz, I suppose it can execute a shell command
> > and sleep again when finished.
> The interesting bit of this is to distinguish between dates that just had wake
> up the device, so we may go to sleep again immediately after "execution", and
> dates that happen to be "executed" while user intentionally switched on the
> device already so we mustn't go to sleep afterwards.

I got one idea. We know how the phone powered up (by button, charger or rtc).
If the phone powered up by rtc (/proc/cmdline) and
time_until_next_task > min_interval then suspend;)

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